Increase of bookings in 5 months for bespoke tailors based in Hong Kong

Driving more relevant traffic has brought us more conversions and as result, CPA (cost per booking) dropped significantly.

How it all started


A suit tailor who does business in Hong Kong is organizing trunk shows throughout the United Kingdom every two to three months, during which he meets potential clients to collect new leads and make tailored garments for them.

The focus was primarily on Google Ads campaign management and UX recommendations on the website.


Active campaign details:

UK & Hong Kong

Search & Display

Facebook (traffic & conversions)

From where to start


Time Limited Event

Trunk show events generate the most conversions but they only last one month and are organized with a large time frame between them (at least one month).

  • Campaign learning limitations
  • Ads are paused while Trunk Show is not live

High CPA

Expensive cost-per-lead when it comes to trunk show bookings coming from existing Google ads campaigns.

  • Irrelevant impressions and clicks
  • Low CTR
  • Wasted spend

Keywords out of control

Biggest issue was the usage of the broad match type keywords, without adding a negative KW list, which led to irrelevant impressions and increase in ad spend.

  • Search campaign without proper segmentation
  • Usage of broad match keywords without proper negative keywords list

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The first thing we’ve done is create a separate landing page for the United Kingdom during intervals where there isn’t an active trunk show. This way, there is never downtime when it comes to campaign activity, and also we are avoiding going into the learning phase every time when we jump-start campaigns for a new trunk show. 

The second thing was re-organizing the Google ads account structure and re-thinking keywords and match types that were being used. 

All ad copy was refreshed to match the new account setup.

Optimised campaigns


Negative keywords added


New landing pages created


Grow your business with a little help of my


Number of bookings increase by 530%

CPA decrease by 550%

Ad spend decrease by 25%

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