Increase of orders in 9 months for smart home garden startup

Placement optimization & audience segmentation has brought us more purchases and CPA (cost per purchase) dropped significantly.

How it all started


Our client is an e-commerce brand that sells an automated IoT garden that allows users to grow their favorite spices, herbs, mini vegetables, and flowers all year round.

They wanted to increase their online sales and reach a wider audience, but the most important aspect was to keep CPA (cost per purchase) inside the target.

Active campaign details:


Display, Video & PMax

Facebook (traffic & conversions)

From where to start


One of a kind

Trunk show events generate the most conversions but they only last one month and are organized with a large time frame between them (at least one month).

  • Campaign learning limitations
  • Ads are paused while Trunk Show is not live

Irrelevant traffic

Expensive cost-per-lead when it comes to trunk show bookings coming from existing Google ads campaigns.

  • Irrelevant impressions and clicks
  • Low CTR
  • Wasted spend

Specific target avatar

Biggest issue was the usage of the broad match type keywords, without adding a negative KW list, which led to irrelevant impressions and increase in ad spend.

  • Search campaign without proper segmentation
  • Usage of broad match keywords without proper negative keywords list

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To overcome this challenge, we focused on building a comprehensive Google Ads campaign that targeted specific keywords and used a combination of search, display, and shopping ads. We also set up retargeting campaigns to bring visitors back to the website who had previously shown interest in our client’s product.

To maximize the effectiveness of the campaign, we continually optimized the ads and landing pages based on performance data. We also worked with our client to create high-quality product images and descriptions that highlighted the unique features and benefits of their IoT garden.

Optimised campaigns


Negative placements added

0 +

ROAS for the past 3 months


Grow your business with a little help of my


Number of orders increase by 333%

CPA decrease by 77%

Ad spend decreased by 52%

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